Wednesday, June 29, 2005

He hitched a ride

He got up at 5:30 and read the paper. There was a message that was left for him to call the front desk, but when he did, there was nobody there.

The bus to the park was coming at quarter to nine, so he got down at about 8:20 to make sure he didn't miss it. The bus didn't show up. It turned out that the message that he couldn't retrieve was to tell him that the bus wouldn't be coming until 10:30.

He spotted Mike Euenback(?). He said, "Mike, where you going?"

Mike said, "I'm going to the ballpark."

Jerry said, "How are you getting there?"

Mike said, "I got a car."

Jerry said, "Now you got a passenger."

Thursday, June 23, 2005

He couldn't get tickets nor omlettes, but Gus still likes him

He fed Gus. He got his hand licked by Gus which means Gus still likes him.

He went into ticket office to ask for tickets to the games on Friday, Saturday or Sunday because everyboy keeps asking him for tickets. They said, "Get out".

In the clubhouse lounge, Kelly (team masseuse) asked him if he wanted a mexican dish. Jerry thought it was too early for Mexican so he asked for an omlette, but Kelly did not have any omlettes.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

He lost his shoes

He had a bad day. He walked to the park to get his excercise. He got halfway to the park and noticed he forgot to pack his running shoes. He returned to the room and they weren't there. He figured somebody must have "hustled" them either yesterday or today.

Irritated he walked back to the park. Along the way, he called the manager, Nathan, and said, "Will you do me a favor, sir? Somebody took my shoes, I think. They've either taken my shoes or I've lost my mind. I may have lost my mind. I'll call you tomorrow and tell you for sure."

Nathan wasn't very polite. Another one of these jerks, "probably from New York".

Sunday, June 05, 2005

He ate an apple

He got up. He got dressed. He read the New York Times and the Union Tribune. He ate an apple. He got some coffee. He interviewed Bochy for his show. He had to wait an hour and a half because Bruce didn't know who would be available to play. He didn't do much.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

He bought dog food

He went to Petco on Morena Blvd and bought two cases of dog food. No bandana. Just the dog food.