Tuesday, March 29, 2005

He walked to the ballpark

He walked to the ballpark carrying his silver briefcase that weighs something like 380 pounds.

He left his car with Maggie so she could drive which left him having to walk.

Monday, March 28, 2005

He forgot his glasses

He got in his car. He was running a little bit late as he had stuff to do around the house. Wash the clothes. Do the dishes. He was "chuggin'" down the street and he noticed that he couldn't read the signs too well. He realized he had forgotten his glasses. He turned around. Any time before "one-oh-one, noontime" is tough to make a u-turn. It took him twenty minutes to go back which is why he was late. He offered Leitner a portion of a timeshare he's going to buy on a helicopter (to avoid the traffic).

When he got in, he asked Dave Marcus (Mighty 1090 producer) how he was doing. Jerry almost got Dave Marcus to smile. He said, "Oop! There's a smi. . . No. . . he didn't quite make it."

Sunday, March 27, 2005

He watched a peep show

Today was a laundry day. He also mentioned something about watching a peep show, referring to the marshmallowy Easter candies.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

He got the paper

He got up. Took his walk. It was cold. He had to wear his gloves. It's about a mile to get the paper and rather than take the car, he walked to get his exercise. He forgot what happened on the way there or on the way back, but he got there.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

He got lost on the way to the post office

He got up.

He got lost on the way to the post office. He went about a block and a half past Thunderbird (St.) and there were about 17 cars behind him, forcing him to continue straight so he gave up and turned back.

He actually did know where he was going, but he made the wrong right turn and had "about 5,322 cars" pushing him along. He was so frustrated that when he made it to the park, he laid in the corner in a fetal position until game time.

He recommends that if you ever think to move to Phoenix, don't unless you have a helicopter.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

He had a tough day

He had a tough day. He signed 47 cards that had been mailed to him. He wrote some checks that gave him a stomach ache. Writing checks sets you back a little bit. He wanted to stay in bed. He mentioned that Petco on Morena Blvd is the best kennel in San Diego. Gus (his dog) is staying there. There's all kinds of running space. Gus is nuts and he loves to run.

He then went to the ballpark and looked for a free meal. All the meals had already been eaten. He didn't know what to do then so he just sat and looked. Nobody else was at the park except Dave Marcus. He ended up eating at the ballpark. He couldn't believe the prices. He paid $7 for two hot dogs. He hates the prices at the spring games, as they're a rip off. Two dollars will buy you a cup of coffee "about the size of two inches high". Leitner likened it to a shot glass. Jerry would rather have had a shot.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

He couldn't get bacon nor his parking space

He got up.

He went to the ballpark at 8 o'clock. He called somebody in San Diego about an article on him. Eventually, to avoid excess conversation, he faxed over his biography.

Today was also a wash day. Left the dryer running.

For breakfast, he was in the mood for bacon, but it was gone by the time he got to breakfast. He accused the "snuffers" of eating all the bacon before he could have some.

Before getting to the park, he discovered that somebody was in his parking space. Number 116. When he eventually got the space for his car, a lady came up and gave him grief for taking her space. They had words.

Friday, March 11, 2005

He told off a hotel desk clerk and got lost

He got lost on the way to the ballpark again. The directions to the "away" park were locked in his brain and he went there instead of the "home" park.

Before that, the desk clerk at the hotel asked him for his credit card. Jerry said, "I'm with the Padres. They're going to pay my hotel room. And I'll see you tomorrow, pal."

Thursday, March 10, 2005

He went to the wrong ballpark

He followed the directions to the ballpark that were left for him. He got to the park and ran into Mike "Swanee" Swanson, Media Director for the Diamondbacks. Swanee told him he was at the wrong park. After initially believing Swanee was joking with him, he then tried to make his way to the correct ballpark via route 22. Along the way, he saw a police officer writing out a ticket to a motorist. He decided to ask for directions. He pulled up behind the officer, got out of the car, and walked over. The police officer proceeded to give him "H-E-double-L" for parking illegally and sneaking up on him.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

He missed breakfast

He went downstairs for the freebie breakfast, but they had cleaned it up already. He made a mental note to tell somebody to save him some food tomorrow.

Friday, March 04, 2005

He tried to take a shower

He took a shower and the curtain and rod fell on him.